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CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) was shown to the world for the first time in 1988 and is a write Once Read Many (WORM) optical format that can be written too on several occasions.

A standard CD-R is a 1.2 mm in thickness with a 80mm or 120mm diameter. This polycarbonate disc contains a spiral groove, called the "pregroove" to guide the laser beam upon writing and reading information. The bottom side, which faces the laser beam in the player or drive, is flat and smooth.

Although the CD-R was initially developed in Japan, most of the production of CDRs had moved to Taiwan by 1998, and also to other parts of asia. Taiwanese manufacturers supplied more than 70% of the worldwide production of 10.5 billion CDR's 2003

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 TDK CD-R80 (52x)   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x)   £0.39    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x) - 100 Spindle   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x) - 100 Spindle   £9.99    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x) - 50 Spindle   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x) - 50 Spindle   £5.15    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x) - Printable Slim Case   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x) - Printable Slim Case   £0.31    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x) - Slim Case   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x) - Slim Case   £0.28    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x) Printable - 50 spindle   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x) Printable - 50 spindle   £6.49    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x) Printable- 100 spindle   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x) Printable- 100 spindle   £16.49  £11.82    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x)- 10 Spindle   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x)- 10 Spindle   £1.58    Buy now
 TDK CD-R80 (52x)- 25 Spindle   TDK   TDK CD-R80 (52x)- 25 Spindle   £2.99    Buy now
 TDK CD-R90 (40x)   TDK   TDK CD-R90 (40x)   £0.45    Buy now
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products) Result Pages:  1