• Cordless Phone AA Battery 12H

    Cordless Phone AA Battery 12H

    Specifications: Size AA 1.2V Ni-MH 1300mAh Compatibility List: Binatone: Activity 1000, Activity 2000, Eurotel 3100 (AA), Eurotel 3200, Eurotel Ser...
    Model : BC101624, 12H
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £3.97 £2.65
  • Cordless Phone Battery 34H

    Cordless Phone Battery 34H

    Specifications: 2 x AAA 2.4V Ni-MH 600mAh Compatibility List: Answercall: AD3500, AD355 BT: Synergy 2000, Synergy 2010, Synergy 2020, Synergy 2100, Sy...
    Model : BC101686A, 34H
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £3.52 £2.35
  • Home Torch LED Classic

    Home Torch LED Classic

    Bright LED torch for durable use.Ergonomic design for home use.Compact enough to fit easily everywhere. Specifications: 8 LEDs Requires 3AA batteries Ru...
    Model : U0214391
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £8.92 £5.94
  • Home Torch LED Inspection

    Home Torch LED Inspection

    Bright LED torch for durable use.Search everywhere with a bright light Specifications: 9 LEDs Requires 4AA batteries Black and yellow plastic Hanging ...
    Model : U0214414
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £7.64 £5.10
  • Home Torch LED Metal 2AA

    Home Torch LED Metal 2AA

    Bright LED torch.Strong aluminium alloy case for durable use.Ergonomic design and wrist strap for ease of use.Compact enough to fit easily inside pockets. Spec...
    Model : U0214353
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £13.77 £9.18
  • Mini LED Cap light

    Mini LED Cap light

    Head lamp torch which is very useful in case you have a night aventure and got your hands loaded Features: 3 LEDs Requires CR2032 battery Black Swivel he...
    Model : U0214575
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £14.99 £9.99
  • Uniross ECO Charger 2050mAh

    Uniross ECO Charger 2050mAh

    Description: Uniross ECO Charger allows you to save up to 5kWh in a year. This is a new design from Uniross that supports both AA and AAA battries.  Comes...
    Model : U0245029
    Brand : Uniross
    Price:  £24.53 £16.35
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