Maxell Blu Ray/DVD laser lens cleaner

Maxell Blu Ray/DVD laser lens cleaner

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Manufacturer Maxell

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Maxell Pro Blu Ray Laser Lens Cleaner is ideal for people who want to maintain the life of their Blu Ray player or games console (that uses Blu Ray discs) by cleaning the player from unwanted dust and debris.

Maxell BD/DVD Lens Cleaner is a valuable solution to those who want to effectively clean both their DVD and/or Blu Ray devices from dust and debris that can build up over time.
By using this disc, with its fine microfibre brush technology, you can be assured that your device is cleaner and more efficient.

With a unique microfibre brush that has been specifically designed for Blu Ray players, the disc cleans quickly and efficiently with a handy on-screen tutorial that helps you achieve maximum results.