Muc-Off 990 Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit

Muc-Off 990 Screen Cleaning Rescue Kit

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Model MUCOFF990
Manufacturer Muc-Off

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Let’s talk bacteria!

Today’s electronic devices are a breeding ground for bacteria. Portable devices are handled frequently and can be held close to your face and mouth. Scientific studies have shown that the average mobile device can harbour more bacteria than the average toilet seat!

So what does this kit do?

Muc-Off Device & Screen Cleaner kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It quickly and safely removes: dust, dirt, grime, fingerprints & oily residue from all devices and screens, leaving a streak free, sparkling finish. It contains no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly, formulated using pH neutral soaps and de-ionised water. This kit also contains a premium quality microfibre cloth, which has been specifically designed to clean delicate finishes.