Blu-Ray RE

  • Maxell BDRE 50gb (2x)

    Maxell BDRE 50gb (2x)

    Maxell BD-RE Blu-ray discs offer the speed and capacity to record high definition digital content. Blu-ray disc technology uses a blue-violet laser to achieve t...
    Model : Max-BDRE-50GB
    Brand : Maxell
    Price:  £21.90 £14.60
  • Sony Blu-Ray RW Disk - 25Gb (1-2x)

    Sony Blu-Ray RW Disk - 25Gb (1-2x)

    Breakthrough in high definition recording and data storage. Record and re-write an outstanding 25GB of data on a single-sided disc. That?s enough for up to 5 st...
    Model : BNE25A
    Brand : Sony
    Price:  £16.18 £10.79
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