• Kodak Gold 200 ISO 36exp

    Kodak Gold 200 ISO 36exp

    KODAK GOLD 200 Film provides an excellent combination of colour saturation, colour accuracy, and sharpness in a 200-speed film. Excellent for picture-taking und...
    Model : KDG200-36
    Brand : Kodak
    Price:  £8.09 £5.39
  • Kodak Max 400 ISO 36exp

    Kodak Max 400 ISO 36exp

    ULTRA film ensures great results even in extreme picture-taking conditions of low light and fast action. It has greater flash range and enhances depth of field ...
    Model : KDG400-36
    Brand : Kodak
    Price:  £9.28 £6.19
  • Kodak Rapid Charger

    Kodak Rapid Charger

      Very handy charger and 4 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Charges up quickly and comes with a convenient car adapter plug so you can keep taking picture...
    Model : K6300-C
    Brand : Kodak
    Price:  £13.27 £10.20
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