AONE DVD-R (16x) - 50 Shrink Wrap - Full Face White Printable

AONE DVD-R (16x) - 50 Shrink Wrap - Full Face White Printable

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Model dvdr94a
Manufacturer AOne

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These discs are new to our collection but are fast becoming our best seller. These DVDs from A-ONE have a white Full Face inkjet printable top surface to allow you to create discs that look nearly as good as commercially produced DVDs.

The White inkjet printable surface of these discs enables you to add your own designs with affordable printers such as the Epson R220 and R265 inkjet printers to produce extremely professional results.

Product Features:

  • Capacity: 4.7gb
  • Manufacturer ID: CMC Magnetics Corporation
  • Packaging: Cello wrap branded spindle tub of 50 discs