Energizer Lithium AAA - 4 pack

Energizer Lithium AAA - 4 pack

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Model AAA-L92
Manufacturer Energizer

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The World's Longest Lasting AA & AAA Battery in High-Tech Digital Devices...

The NEW 7 x Energizer Ultimate Lithium isn't just longer lasting...

Introducing the NEW 7 x Energizer Ultimate Lithium - that is the most technologically advanced battery for high drain devices like Digital Still Cameras, MP3 Players and Portable LCD TV's where performance matters.


·         It's Lighter - 33% lighter than standard alkalione AA & AAA batteries.

·         It's More Extreme - The BEST battery for extream temperatures, -40C to +60C

·         It's Excellent Value - Lithium lasts up to 7 x EVEN TIMES LONGER in digital cameras, but it only costs around twice as much as standard do the maths !

·         It's Ready When You Are - Unlike rechargeable batteries, Ultimate Lithium is always ready to provide long lasting power in an instant.

·         It's Long Term - With a 15 year shelf life. Ultimate Lithium will still be providing long lasting power in years to come.