Kodak DVD+R DL (8.5gb) Printable 50 Spindle

Kodak DVD+R DL (8.5gb) Printable 50 Spindle

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Model k50
Manufacturer Kodak

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The Kodak 50 Pack Dual layer 8x Speed DVD+R is the best priced high speed double layer DVD+R DL on the market.

Tested to be highly compatible with DVD players and Video Game Consoles - customers report that they are especially compatible with the Xbox 360. With its extremely fast 8x write speed, you can write 8.5GB in less than 15 minute.

For best results on the Xbox 360 are at 4x - however you should try 8x just to see if it works great for you.

Packed in cake tubs of 50 the Kodak 50 Pack Double Layer 8 Speed DVD+R represent good value for money and fast burning times.