Sony Memory Stick 128Mb

Sony Memory Stick 128Mb

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Model MSA-128A
Manufacturer Sony

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Recommended for Sony first Generation Digital Camera

Maximising your digital file storage with the durable MSA-128A Memory Stick media from Sony. Featuring 128 megabytes of storage space and an expanded operating temperature range of -13F to 185F, you get all of the benefits of standard Memory Stick media with increased durability.

The MSA-128A is backwards compatible with most devices that use standard Memory Stick media. Its compact design is slightly smaller than a stick of chewing gum, so it's incredibly compact and very easy to store. Its combination of storage size, durability and compatibility makes it the perfect complement to a new digital camera

Also allows enjoyment of copyright-protected content while maintaining a high level of compatibility with a wide range of products.

Supporting parallel transfer in addition to serial transfer, Memory Stick (MagicGate) can transfer data at speeds of up to 160Mpbs (theoretical maximum)*.This media is a response to the increasing use of advanced applications in the broadband era, providing a fast, easy way to reproduce high-resolution digital images and high-capacity presentation data.

When used with compatible devices with a parallel interface. Actual speed may vary and is dependent upon the design of the host device.

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