TDK DVD+RW 4.7Gb (4x) - 10 spindle

TDK DVD+RW 4.7Gb (4x) - 10 spindle

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Model T19831
Manufacturer TDK

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TDK Rewritable DVD 4.7GB for use in DVD+RW video recorders and DVD+RW data drives. Various recording times depending on the recording mode selected. Optimum compatibility with a wide range of DVD-ROM and DVD Video players.

TDK DVD+RW rewritable media delivers unrivalled performance and reliability even after hundreds of uses. Repeatedly record, erase and re-record the same disc. TDK DVD+RW media is ideal for recording video and images, backing up your hard drive or just about any application where you wish to overwrite old data with new

Product Features:

  • Up to 2 hours of DVD quality video recording/4.7GB of data storage
  • Packaging: 10 spindle