Maxell BDR 25gb (1-2x)

Maxell BDR 25gb (1-2x)

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Model bluray7
Manufacturer Maxell

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Maxell BD-R Blu-ray discs offer the speed and capacity to record high definition digital content. Blu-ray disc technology uses a blue-violet laser to achieve the capacity necessary for recording digital HD TV, video, data etc.

Main Specifications:

  • Recording capacity: 25GB
  • Jewel case
  • Laser wavelength: 405nm (blue-violet laser)
  • Lens numerical aperture (NA): 0.85
  • Data transfer rate: 36Mbps
  • Disc diameter: 120mm
  • Disc thickness: 1.2mm (optical transmittance protection layer: 0.1mm)
  • Recording format: Phase change recording
  • Tracking format: Groove recording
  • Tracking pitch: 0.32um
  • Shortest pit length: 0.160/0.149/0.138um
  • Recording phase density: 16.8/18.0/19.5Gbit/inch2
  • Video recording format MPEG2 video
  • Audio recording format: AC3, MPEG1, Layer2, etc.
  • Video and audio multiplexing format: MPEG2 transport stream