Sony BD-R 25GB Printable(1-6x)

Sony BD-R 25GB Printable(1-6x)

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Manufacturer Sony

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Breakthrough in high definition recording and data storage. Record an outstanding 25GB of data on a single-sided disc. That’s enough for up to 5 standard DVDs on one disc. Imagine 23 hours of standard definition television. Today’s ever-complex world demands the highest possible media capacity to deliver higher definition picture and sound quality. With unbeatable storage capacity and recording flexibility for content-owners and consumers alike, Blu-ray Disc delivers.


  • Printable Surface
  • 25GB capacity Each disc can hold more than 10 standard DVDs
  • Space for HD video recording Massive hard disk backups and large multi-media files.
  • Fast data transfer rate Up to 72 Mbps.
  • Scratch Guard Hard coating protects against scratches and prevents dust and stains.
  • Archival Reliability Highly reliable recording material design resists image corruption and deterioration after long storage.
  • Stable Writing High-precision disc layer provides a level of disc flatness, which results in lower errors while recording and playback.
  • Temperature Durability High-precision disc structure made to prevent warping during severe changes in temperature and humidity.