TDK BD-R 25GB InkJet Printable (4x)-25 spindle - T43007

TDK BD-R 25GB InkJet Printable (4x)-25 spindle - T43007

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Model T43007
Manufacturer TDK

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TDK Write-once Blu-ray disc with up to 25GB capacity that allows you to record your video and save your data.


  • Printable surface
  • 25 spindle
  • 4x speed recording (72Mbit per second)
  • Newly developed Durabis2 coating protects disc surface from scratches, fingerprints and smudges
  • More than 2 hours of recording time of HDTV footage (25GB)
  • Highest compatibility with any BD hardware in the market
  • Inorganic recording layer material for long lasting quality