Sony DVD+RW 4.7Gb (4x)

Sony DVD+RW 4.7Gb (4x)

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Model DPW120A
Manufacturer Sony

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Sony has developed DVD+RW discs for storing every type of data and video content. Each disc can hold up to 4.7GB of information, which translates to more than two hours of high quality MPEG2 DVD video with outstanding picture quality. The discs are the perfect mates for the Sony DVD+RW Drive, so now users can edit or create a movie on a PC and view it on most DVD players

Product Features:

  • Create and store digital video, audio and multimedia files
  • Capacity up to 4.7 GB, 7 times the size of a CD-R disc
  • Rewritable up to 1000 times
  • Sony's unique AccuCORE technology guaranties you faster addressing, wider compatibility, stable writing, temperature adaptability and better archival reliability
  • DVD Video picture quality
  • Compatible for playback with most existing DVD Video players and DVD-Rom PC drives