Nasty WICKED HAZE Flavour 10ml VAPE JUICE 3mg E-Liquid

Nasty WICKED HAZE Flavour 10ml VAPE JUICE 3mg E-Liquid

Nasty WICKED HAZE Flavour 10ml VAPE JUICE 3mg E-Liquid

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Nasty Juice offer market leading E-Liquid ranges that allow users to buy ready to use flavoured E-Liquid, with or without set nicotine levels.

E-Cigarettes require E-Liquid to produce the inhaled vapour. The E-Liquid is a simple solution that contains the following three components:
Nicotine - is the stimulant and addictive substance in cigarettes. Diamond Mist offers a range of strengths of nicotine
Flavouring - Nicotine has no distinct taste but the addition of E-Liquid flavour results in the unbeatable diamond aroma. Diamond Mist is the manufacturer of some of the finest tasting and highest quality E-Liquid falavours. Diamond Mist use only the finest quality sourced flavours and offer to its consumers the widest and most sensual range
Reagent - This essentially dilutes the mixture of nicotine and flavours to the correct strength, and it further aids the production of vapour that is inhaled and carries both the flavour and nicotine from the electronic cigarette to the user. The common ingredients of the reagents are:
Propylene Glycol (PG) - This is the primary
ingredient which produces the smoke like vapour which the electronic cigarette is exhaled.
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) - Viscous and sweet, producing a larger smoke like vapour when the electronic cigarette is exhaled but with a reduced throat hit than PG.