Fuji CD-R80 (52X) Full Face Printable -25 Spindle

Fuji CD-R80 (52X) Full Face Printable -25 Spindle

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Model Fuj-R80-IP
Manufacturer FujiFilm

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Fujifilm’s printable media gives your CDs a truly professional finish. Create sharply printed discs that give a good impression, make multiple copies with ease or personalise your home CDs. Whether you are a large or small volume user our guide will help you choose the right printable disc for your needs. Printable to hub Recording Layer - ORGANIC Dye.ORGANIC DYE A CD with a truly professional finish!

Fujifilm CD-R features a unique dye-recording layer that offers optimum archival life and unsurpassed protection against degradation. Plus, Fujifilm's reflective silver layer ensures superior read-back for the ultimate in lifetime performance.

Product Features:

  • Capacity: 700MB (80-minutes audio)
  • White inkjet printable up to the hub
  • Packaging: 25 Spindle